Our Story

Hi, and Welcome to North to Somerled!

Born in the South and raised in the North, my life has always had the connection of North to South.

My journey to knowing more about my Scottish roots and building a boutique to celebrate all started with an invitation on Facebook from Clan Donald. I accepted, but was confused on the invite. A brief explanation of my connection through my maiden name McAlister was the beginning. It was so exciting to find out about my Scottish roots from MacAlister, (Alasdair Mor) Son of Domhnall, founder of Clan Donald. Alasdair, founder of Clan Mac Alister and all being descendants of Somerled, the great Celtic Hero and King of the Isles.

After researching more, I was happy to be able to share these findings with my Dad. He always said, with no knowledge whatsoever but only what he felt in his heart, was that he was Scottish. I will be forever grateful that I could share with him, that he really did have deep Scottish roots. It meant the world to him and to me that he knew this a few months before his passing.

I started thinking about how I could celebrate my Scottish roots and to honor my Dad. I had a Tartan created in Scotland with D.C. Dalgliesh, one of the finest Artisan Mills in Scotland. The color and pattern celebrates the legacy of Somerled and honors my Dad. The process that took about four months and was certainly a labor of love. One that I am very proud of.

I am also proud to say that my North to Somerled Tartan is now registered with the Scottish Registry of Tartans. You will find some of my items that were created exclusively for me with my North to Somerled Tartan. In addition I have had products created exclusively for me with our MacAlister Tartan plus many other plaids that I love.

With all my exclusives, I have been so lucky and honored to have worked with the very best Mills in Scotland having my Tartans created and produced there. After receiving my cloth, I searched out local artisan in the US to have my plaids made into handbags exclusively for me. So many hands and loving detail have went into creating these beautiful one of a kind pieces.

And of course my exclusive items that are so dear to my heart. Also the beautiful Heathergems jewelry that comes from Scotland and so uniquely Scottish. And last but certainly not least, my adorable Fergus. My highland cow who is my mascot and all of his items that I had created in his likeness. From his adorable patches to his bag charms. It is also important to note that all my items are Fergus approved. No real leather are in any of my products and that makes Fergus very happy. So I hope you will stop by often to see what Fergus has been working on. He has been the best partner I could ask for and has such a great eye for style and constantly creating new and unique items.

Thanks to my Family and Friends who have supported me on this journey - it truly took a village!

I am proud to be a wife, mother, and loving grandmother. Most would not start a business in their 60’s but I’m proud to say I’m not like most people. So with the love and support from my Family and Friends I have started this business to celebrate and honor my Scottish roots. I have had the honor of working with such talented artisans that have inspired me in so many ways. My search has brought me not only North to South but in every direction of this beautiful world. I hope you find something hear that inspires you. From the hand picked items, to my exclusives that I have had the pleasure of creating and from the talented artisans I have been fortunate enough to find along the way to make my dreams come true. I am truly grateful to you all.


All the Best,

...and Fergus, too!