Fergus: The Cow. The Myth. The Legend.

Fergus: The Cow. The Myth. The Legend.

Hi there, my name is Fergus.

It's pronounced FER - guhs and is made up of two Gaelic words, fear (man) and Gus (vigor). I was named Fergus because I’m a go-getting boy who won’t give up on his dreams. I am a Scottish Highland Cow.

Here are a few FUN FACTS about me:

  • The ancient Highland cow is the perfect combination of adorable and low maintenance. I really am. smile
  • The Highland Cow is an ancient breed of cattle that originated in the Scottish Highlands and Western Isles of Scotland.
  • First mentioned in the 6th century A.D., the breed is known for its long, thick hair and its hardiness in harsh conditions.
  • In Scottish Gaelic they are known as Bò Ghàidhealach and in Scots they are called Heilan coo.
  • In the first herd book that the Highlander is mentioned in there are two distinct breeds, but over time and crossbreeding there is now only one official cow in the registry.
  • While originating in Scotland, the breed has since made its way to Australia and New Zealand, all across Europe, Canada, and the United States.
  • My hair gives me protection during the cold winters.
  • I am a hardy breed, having been bred to withstand the harsh conditions in the Scottish Highlands.
  • I was born in January 2018.
  • I love my family and they love me. (So much in fact, that they have created woven patches and bag charms in my likeness and who knows what will be next. I love all the attention -  really, I do - but sometimes it can get quite embarrassing how they “oooh, and “ ahhh” over me. But I guess that’s the life of an adorable Highland Cow. Next they'll be talking about a movie...)

Before they put anything on our website I am a part of the decision. This makes me very happy because all our products are vegan leather and sustainable. So anything you find here, I approved of, and you can rest assured that no animals were hurt in the process.

Well, now you know a little bit about me and we would love to know you. If you have any questions please feel free to send us an email or write to us on Instagram. It was so nice to meet you.


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