The Next Chapter

Celebrating the "Free Spirit" with the Kaleidoscope Collection

For our next chapter, Fergus and I have decided to celebrate the “Free Spirit.” For those with the wanderlust of going in a direction to roads less traveled. For ones who don’t want to live in a neutral state of mind but see life’s expressions in a kaleidoscope of colors and all the unique choices that can have. For some, to travel back in time when we would grab our favorite pair of jeans and fill them with patches that showed our distinct personalities and even some that reflected our point of view. If our handbags were feeling a bit aged or just plain “blah” we would add patches, pins or anything that would show our free spirit.

Our newest collection “Kaleidoscope” is a reflection of my youth. I remember so vividly having one of those round cardboard Kaleidoscope’s and would spend a few joyful moments twisting and turning the top. With each simple turn I would be amazed to find another unique display of colors and shapes and a whole new prism with its decorative burst of wonder. This new direction for us is simply one of those turns on a Kaleidoscope.

Our cornerstone will always be our gorgeous tartans.

For the Fall/Winter season we created the collection Fall for Plaid. We have all the classics and reinvented a few for a different look. For us we believe that plaid is an all seasons accessory. All with the same timeless beauty our plaids are our North Star and because of that, Fergus and I are confident we will never lose our direction!

So put on your travel pants and go for a ride with us. Don’t be afraid to show that you are unique as well. After all, there are no rules in fashion, there are only ones that you dare to enjoy!

Happy Shopping and enjoy the ride.

Kim at North to Somerled
(...and Fergus, too!)